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How to identify the air volume of fan lamp?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

A: The air volume of the fan lamp depends on the motor size of the ceiling fan, the Angle of the blade frame, the Angle of the blade, and the operating environment, etc. Let's first understand the following factors that affect the air volume: blade frame Angle and blade Angle. These two factors as a source do not worry too much, because manufacturers will set the most ideal data. The fan has been designed before mass production, and the use of the environment, as long as it is installed in accordance with the original parts of the fan, do not let the blade too close to the ceiling, or installed in a small space, the impact on the air volume is not large. The most important factor affecting the air volume is the motor. There are 153 motors, 172 motors, 188 motors. Generally speaking, a 42-inch ceiling fan will only use a 153 motor, and a 172 will be used less often. If a ceiling fan is 52 inches or larger, manufacturers will directly use a 188 motor. Therefore, if you want to buy a fan with large air volume, it is recommended to choose a fan with 188 motors. And the 42-inch fan, if the quality of the motor is better, used in 6-10 square dining room, 10 square about the small room, the fan is completely enough.


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