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What is the fan lamp industry lighting manufacturers?

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Speaking of the ancient town of Zhongshan, your D - first reaction may be "lamp". The view is filled with all kinds of lights: street billboards, hotel lobbies, shops. Here, the light is too much, where is the light, as if to be to eat up the day light, so the ancient town real wholesale market of lamps and lanterns lighting factory is a what kind of, fan lamp in the lighting world made for more than ten years, the town of lighting factory but also is of me, let's go to know about the wholesale market of lamps and lanterns of these lighting manufacturers.

In guzhen town, zhongshan city, the lighting capital of China, there are about 6000 lighting stores in the town, which are mainly concentrated in the "xinxing avenue" known as the lighting corridor and "zhongxing avenue" one street of the large lighting stores. Zhongxing Avenue, the new business circle, super large lighting stores are in this street, the street many large independent stores.

You can not see, not to think, and pretend that your world has nothing to do with the light, but everywhere you go, there is neon flashing, dense fog; Whether you think about it or look at it or not, the lights are always there -- baskets of shrimps red, ephedrina, oyster black, shellfish blue, pearl gray -- in a psychedelic array, edited into a spectacular ukiyo-e.

At this time, you finally understand that in Zhongshan ancient town, you can not avoid the lamp, because here is "China's lamp capital".

From 1982 to now, after nearly 30 years of cultivation and development, the local lighting industry cluster with the ancient town as the center, covering three cities and 11 towns around, and the annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan has been formed. Guzhen has become one of the world's four major lighting professional markets, and the largest lighting professional production base and wholesale market in China. There are 26,000 enterprises of various types of lighting and accessories in the town, among which 8,960 are lighting merchants. "Edison created light for the world, and the ancient town sent light to the world" is undoubtedly a good interpretation of the ancient town Z.

Guzhen town, a small town in the northwest of Zhongshan, has an area of less than 50 square kilometers, but it has exported 70% of the lighting products in the national lighting market, and the products have been exported to more than 200 countries. The lighting products from Guzhen town can be seen in almost all the lighting markets in China. Guzhen is the global lighting source, and its products serve 6 billion people around the world.

By the way, the town is not only a small town in Lingnan that can develop and produce all kinds of lighting ornaments, but also a big park with "lighting ornaments" as the theme. Here, you can not only in the center of the star alliance LED lighting lighting, huayi lighting international square, square, and lamp light cube LED professional lighting such as city stores to buy lamp, lamp and watching lanterns, but also can be in the place such as lamp culture museum, institute of guzhen lighting learn the history of the lamp, the lamp of knowledge about all kinds of accessories as well as the exploration and lights.

When it comes to the lighting culture of ancient town, in addition to the lighting of ancient town and the lighting scenic area of ancient town, we have to mention the annual grand event of Chinese lighting industry -- the Guzhen International Lighting Culture Festival and the Guzhen International Lighting Expo.

Every October, the town will hold a seven-day Guzhen International Lighting Culture Festival. In the cultural festival, the organizers will put out a large number of lighting creative boutique, each boutique is the model of leading the industry trend. Guzhen Light Culture Festival is a feast of light and shadow integrating scientific and technological elements, as well as a carnival for the people of Guzhen and a demonstration of the strength of Guzhen lighting enterprises. It is known as "one of the six lighting festivals worth watching in the world".

The fan lamp is located in Henglan town on the edge of Zhongshan ancient town. The company locates in the production of ceiling fan lamp and fan lamp for decorative lighting. Welcome the friends who come to the ancient town to visit our company and give guidance.


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